View Full Version : Is there some link between R1 and a Paleolithic Prothrombin mutation

26-10-17, 00:57
It has puzzled me, a novice.

Poking through various sites and charts and maps and lists, R1b1b2a*, which is, as I know is called various names, and known as R-L23, is commonly sourced as from the Anatolian peninsula, and the Black Sea Steppes some 6000 years ago. My curiosity is about my patrilineal mutation, the Prothrombin 20210a allele, which is reportedly some 20 to 27 thousand years old. Late Paleolithic, end of the ice age kind of thing.

Is anyone aware of any links to this mutation being bound to the the R1 genotype lineage?

R1**** variations are all over Europe. But this particular mutation started somewhere, and not Anatolia 6000 years ago.

26-10-17, 02:05
Is this mutation on Y chromosome?
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Try searching here:

26-10-17, 05:13
There looks to be some interesting information at one of the links I am not allowed to post.

Any search I've done through the site shows no result for "Prothrombin" and or "20210a"

Yes, my mutation is heterozygous to my Y chromosome.