View Full Version : Almost fainted due to neck massage...

03-11-17, 07:59
Based on my experience and what I've read, neck messages can lead to syncope, or fainting due to inadequate blood flow to the brain. I have a habit of "messaging" my horribly stiff neck and just this evening, I felt myself ready to collapse with the arteries (carotid, maybe?)! screaming and pulsating after a quick self message against my neck. I had to hang onto something to prevent myself from collapsing on the floor but things began to settle and I'm fine now.

I'm 33, not overweight who exercises (aerobically) rigourously and my resting heart rate is athletic in the high 50's beats per minute. I drink heavily, but that's the worst it gets as far as bad health habits.

I do feel tightness and tingling around the collarbone near my throat at times, and pressing down on it can make matters worse, as well as resulting in arm weakness.

I understand that this isn't web md and if things get worse, I'll consult my md right away. I know that a public forum is not a medical clinic

20-12-17, 11:57
Well, it's better not to massage yourself and not let your friends or family members do that without medical qualifications.

07-05-18, 12:39
Always take Neck massage from Experience person. Neck is a sensitive part of body. So it proper care should be taken.

10-05-18, 05:45
Thanks. My lower neck hurts so badly right now I can barely move it a certain way without wanting to scream in pain. Living with a bad neck is worse than anyone with a good neck could possibly imagine, it messes up your life in many ways possible, including cognitive ability. Trust me, it makes my life miserable.