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08-11-17, 11:30
Something that's always puzzled and annoyed me is why does there seem to be no acknowledgement or recognition that the peoples of Europe are indigenous to the continent? I think this poisons so much of political debate in so many areas.

08-11-17, 16:40
What difference does that make? Do tell.

Ed the Red
09-11-17, 00:57
So the people of Europe can have their country back, and not have their rights ignored and have this new political correctness which is modern fascism overule every fricken agenda maybe? Hahaha just a guess

09-11-17, 04:50
What difference does that make? Do tell.
Correct, it makes no difference. The only valid argument would be that European values like freedom of speech, rationality and tolerance are racially determined.

Mass immigration would then result in Europeans losing their freedom of speech and ending up living in corrupt dictatorships.

10-11-17, 01:35
Hear hear!

10-11-17, 01:38
^^ what exactly did you exceed the minimum of :)

10-11-17, 02:27
^^ what exactly did you exceed the minimum of :)

Number of posts I can read without account. Why this place hates lurkers?

10-11-17, 07:39
Indigenous European would probably be Neanderthal, followed by Hunter Gathers? Perhaps some Europeans are more indigenous than others... :)