View Full Version : K2 in Greece

12-11-17, 01:25
Does anyone know how common K2 mtdna is in Greece? And/or people of Greek ethnic decent.

Talking strictly K2 and not any subclades of it.

Thanks for any information.

09-07-21, 19:34
I am K2a mtDNA & DNALand lists many islands in Mediteranean (I am 17%) including. Though testing company doesn't list (23 & me) Has Italian. This is from DNALand & not included in my atDNA
Mediterranean IslanderIncludes: Cypriot in Cyprus; Italian/EastSicilian and Italian/WestSicilian in Italy and Maltese in Malta
Does not include: Egyptian in Egypt; Tunisian in Tunisia; Albanian in Albania; Greek in Greece; Palestinian in (Central) Israel; Sardinian and Toscani in (Sardinia and 1 other site) Italy; Syrian in Syrian and Turkish in (Adana, Aydin, Kayseri and 1 other site) Turkey