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15-11-17, 21:15
What do you know about haplo J1 L858? Arabic ? Muhammad's line ?

21-12-18, 13:19
J1 isnt necessarily arabic. only some subclades are arabic.
You may need to do further testing just for Y-DNA to find out what kind of J1 you have.
Hell, Y chromosome is only a little part of you lol.

16-06-19, 06:43
J1-L858 is the most common mutation of J-P58 among Tribal Arabians in S.A .. but it is NOT the only one, as for Prophet Muhammad PBUH .. he did not have any surviving sons therefore his line doesn't exist today BUT his cousin Ali's line (who married the Prophet's daughter Fatimah) still exist and they are under FGC10500 which is descendant of J-L859 (Quraysh) from FGC8712 .. and if you are under L858 then you are most likely descendant of Arabians even if you are living in Turkey