View Full Version : Where do you get your news from?

20-11-17, 09:18
With all this talk about "fake news", I'm curious where others are getting their news from. So please give me a list of the top 3-5 news sources you trust and where you get your news from. I want to see how many or fews sources come up.



20-11-17, 16:35
Whether or not I trust a source? I go story by story. It would be blind to say I trust a certain site or channel and then not question any of it.

I don't really look for news. What usually happens is that I see something trending on Twitter. And if it happens to be of interest to me, I go to Google News and look for more about it.

20-11-17, 17:21
BBC is very trustworthy.

Local channel news don't have much of political agendas and report bare facts.

From US I prefer CNN to Fox. Fox makes my common sense cringe. Though I can't listen to CNN for too long. They can talk, grind, recycle one story for hours at the time. Must be for news junkies and addicts, which I'm not.

20-11-17, 18:24

domestic and international sites
but I always try to cross the news,
3 different places is good,

27-11-17, 00:20
My 3 main sources are CNN, Twitter and FB.

16-07-18, 12:09
Hello, my dear friend. I also do not trust many sources with the news. I do not trust the TV very much. I trust only the Internet. And then after I find out the information on the Internet, I check it and read the reviews. Thank you.