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21-11-17, 12:09
Hello everybody,
this is my first post. I am a newbie respect Y-DNA.
These are my Y-DNA results: R-U106>R-L48>R-Z9>R-331
All my known patrilineal ancestors are from Spain.

My surname is Maldonado. The origin of this surname is quite interesting, since in some old genealogical books from XVII century, it is referred to originate from another surname: Aldana, that, probably in legendary way, is related to the Suebi Kings who established a kingdom in Galicia and Northern Portugal in the V-VI centuries.
I was wondering if these results can support this hypothetical origin, or if there is a more probable explanation.

21-11-17, 17:08
What tests did you do to get so deep into U106? Welcome to Eupedia Turin75.

21-11-17, 21:42
Thanks LeBrok.
These are my results from LivingDNA.
Their basic test includes autosomal, mt- and a quite deep Y-DNA test, with a very affordable price, but, for the moment, they don' t support groups, proyects nor matching options as others companies do.

21-11-17, 23:30
Thanks, exactly what I ordered just now. I shall know soon.

22-11-17, 22:10
I think your Ydna haplogroup is not suevi but keltic.

23-11-17, 20:57
That's interesting and quite possibly from them too since it's found in South Germany. My haplogroup is more Celtic then Germanic. Your living dna results would be very interesting. Are you from north west Spain aswell??

25-11-17, 20:37
I have only traced my ancestors in south of Spain, but according to all main genealogical texts, the surname origin is Galicia, and more precisely, near Santiago de Compostela.