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23-11-17, 06:27
I forgot to post this in the beginning of the month.

There are all sorts of rituals associated with this religious holiday, most of which are kept even by people who aren't religious.


"In Sicily, children hunt for treats left by loving relatives no longer around. In northern Italy people leave their homes empty in case the dead want to visit. All over the country, Italians set an empty place at the table for people who no longer sit there.They’re all part of Italy’s centuries-old tradition of taking November 2nd to remember the dead. In Italy as in many other Christian countries, the day after All Saints’ Day is All Souls’ Day – and here it’s celebrated with prayers, flowers and, of course, food.
For many Italians, the most important act of remembrance is visiting loved ones’ graves. Cemeteries see an influx of visitors on or around November 2nd, when it’s time to tidy up the family plot and decorate tombs with candles and fresh flowers."

My family takes care of "my" plots for me because they're related to the deceased in some way as well. I do it for my parents' graves here. It always surprises me that more people don't do it here. I find it comforting even if it is sad.

One thing that is different is that our graves often have pictures of the deceased. I like that a lot too.


More prosperous families also have statues of mourning beautiful angels or family members, or scenes from the death of the person buried there.


Staglieno cemetery in Genova is really gorgeous and worth a visit just to look at the art.


In our area we also have a tradition of bringing bread or grain to the church on All Souls Day. It was called the al ben di morti, ‘il bene dei morti’, il regalo dei defunti, or the gift of the dead.



At home you might eat a sweet version.


There's a great scene in Volver where the Penelope Cruz character and her sister go to take care of their graves.goes. You only realize the irony later.

29-11-17, 06:51
I was born on 2nd November and only ever got from my mother that day the same foods year after year

Bigoli with duck ragu

and desert was either Zaleti or an almond, cherry and cream cake ( no idea on its name )