View Full Version : What is the H5A1 haplogorup?

07-12-17, 03:45

I am sorry for the noob question but I am very new to haplgoroups. I received my mtdna and I have H5A1. It says that it expanded from Anatolia and is found mostly a bit everywhere from Romania to Tyrol to Slovakia. Why a such weird repartition? I would just like to know to which population this haplogroup is linked :startled:
Near the H5A1 mtdna,there is this"T152C!" that appears, it seems to be a mutation right? But I looked on google for hours and I cannot find anything about it. What is it exactly?

Thank you in advance for your help :good_job:

18-01-18, 21:39
Hi, there. I am H5A1 also (mtDNA line from Central Italy). It is a mutation (as I understand it, but I am a noob, so what do I know!). My results at familytreedna indicate "C152T". Maybe google that? Good luck! Michael SF CA

20-01-18, 20:19
I am H5F MIT I am from florence tuscany italy my Y R-Z43

10-01-21, 02:53
Ive seen even Kurds getting it.
Its scattered around europe and near east because it comes from Neolithic farmers.