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08-12-17, 18:36
Christmas cards should be if not banished, heavily fined!:laughing:

I thought the internet would get rid of these for me, but no such luck.

For the last couple of years I've waited and only sent one to those who send them to me. How lame can you get, right?

Now, I'm going to start not even doing that.

Just this morning I got my most hated kind of Christmas card: the "letter" with charming, planned out photos of parents and children and sometimes even grandchildren in coordinated outfits (jeans or khakis and white shirt from a summer setting-which means they were thinking about it in July-or jeans, Christmas sweater or red sweater with scarf), fake complaining about how busy they've been given hubby's new book, wife's new internet venture, Jr.'s travails at Yale, and Sis' hilarious escapades at Stanford. It's enough to make you puke. Meanwhile, I haven't laid eyes on the woman for twenty-five years, and I thought she was a fake, phony, and idiot back then. I tore it up and threw it in the trash.

Next was a card (with picture) of the husband of one of my good friends who died of a brain tumor five years ago. The photo featured him and his twenty-five year old Asian bride yucking it up in Manhatten. No sign of his two kids. Look, I know it's been five years. He's entitled to find some companionship, but he's a freaking, walking cliche. If you're going to make an ass of yourself, do you have so little sensitivity that you send the picture to your first wife's close friends. Just send a dignified Christmas card with all your names! I should have known he'd do this: he always had wandering eyes and hands.

I ripped that one up too. No card for him. I did call a couple of our old gang to ask if they got it. They indeed did, and all of them threw it out! :grin: Not that he cares, I'm sure. I hope she takes all this money and then leaves him for a younger man. What a complete jerk!

08-12-17, 22:02
I dislike doing a secret Santa/grab bag for co-workers, especially because I feel obligated.

09-12-17, 04:38
I dislike doing a secret Santa/grab bag for co-workers, especially because I feel obligated.

I hate that too: I either don't know that particular person all that well and/or I don't like him or her very much. :)

Maybe it's because of where I worked, but it also wasn't unusual to get something semi-off color as a gift if my secret Santa was a guy if you get my drift. :(

You know what else I don't like? Office parties. Yuck! People get way too drunk, and someone or two or three is bound to make a fool of him or herself. I'd rather meet my friends for lunch or a drink, or have a party at my house.

Am I turning into the Grinch? No, not really. There are things I still like. :)

09-12-17, 11:34
In some European countries, when "the kid was bad", instead of a gift he would find a rod under the chimney/tree/whatever. I am not sure if anyone still does it, but yes... this is a form of emotional abuse and better be banned.

09-12-17, 15:08
I think Christmas stuff should start at December not before. It's really annoying that I look at Christmas stuff in late October or November. Its really annoying

09-12-17, 15:46
Christmas songs.

25-07-18, 14:42
well, not just christmas related....I would ban all gifts, since they represent a sort of obligation..( you need to give back )