View Full Version : J1a2a1a2 (P-58). In Salerno Campania South italy

25-12-17, 02:43
Hello guys i am new here.
My y-dna is J1a2a1a2 (P-58) testet by Genomia lab.
Originary i'am from Salerno Province (born in, Oliveto Citra) in Campania region of south italy.
So the question is to wich ancient people belong this haplogroup and who brought this genetic to south italy??

I would mention that i have done an autosomal test at myheritage, the result said that i woult be mostly:
Greek 42,4%
Italian 29,4%
Sardinian 10,2%
Iberian 1,9%
West-Asian 8,3%
Near East 5,8%
North African 2,0 %

Thank you in advance for your answers!!