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30-12-17, 08:08
The 23andMe site will report generic haplogroups but the data file has the YSNPs to get farther down the Y tree in most cases. Use the Morley tool or WeGene

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02-01-18, 11:13
Yes you're right.
I have been tested by 23andme as Y-DNA haplogroup G-L497 but I wanted to go further so I have used, in first time, Morley calculator and the result was : G - CTS4803.

After that, by looking to the G tree on ISOGG site, I have identified the SNPs linked to my tree and I was able to go three steps further :

S2808 (likely but not tested by 23&me)

02-01-18, 21:53
It makes no difference. My 23 is the same classification. M417. I already have tested elsewhere and know it goes further. It makes little sense why 23andme would include positive SNPs in the file, and yet back track you with your result.