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08-01-18, 14:19
Hello All...I'm not really a new member but rather a new poster. My FTDNA Big Y result shows me as R1a>L-664>YP5320. I am obsessed with finding my ancient/ethnic origins. My documented paper trail shows my earliest paternal ancestor as southern English of the late 16th Century. I follow with particular interest the postings of Maciamo and Angela.

24-06-19, 23:22

I am a new member as well. I did the FTDNA as well but was recommended a panel to do after I did the Y67. My Results show me as:
R-Z280 : CTS1211+ Y35+ CTS3402+ Y33+ CTS8816+ Y2902+ FGC10360+ Y3219+ Y3222- YP1144-

I am hoping for some help in pointing me in the right direction to learn about my ancient origins. I have traced my family lineage back to 5 generations (late 18th century) in the small village of Oravsky Biely Potok in northern Slovakia, close to the border of Poland. After reading many of the forums here, I can't seem to figure if this is Slavic, Scythian, or Hungarian. Seems there are many opinions. Standing by to be educated.
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25-06-19, 00:18
CTS-1211 is the big Slavic subclade of Z280; it is also known as M558 (not to be confused with M458, which is the clade I belong to), and would most assuredly be Slavic rather than Scythian or Hungarian; the only R1a the Scythians would have (or Hungarians before they entered the Carpathian Basin) would be the Indo-Iranian Z93.