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18-01-18, 23:43
Would like some Y-DNA guidance, as all subregions except one was tested and came back negative. I see people on the forums claim they're Thracian, or some other ancient lineage and since I'm fairly new to this, idk how anyone can tell that, but if someone could gleam anything from these results I would be most appreciative.

The following is my paternal grandfather.
All four of his grandparents are from Madeira.

Surname: de Faria das Neves
Roman Catholic

NatGeo 2.0 Helix results:

56% SW European
6% Western Mediterranean
12% Asia Minor
16% NW European
8% Jewish Diaspora
1.4% Neanderthal
Haplogroup E-L542

•• NatGen raw data shows all subgroups down stream from E-L542 were tested and they were all negative, except V27 was not tested.

••• Do I have my suppositions correct?
- Lack of ME (Arabia in NexGen) means not Arab
- Lack of Eastern European means not Baltic
- Lack of NA means not Berber/Moor
- Negative for all subregions downstream from E-L542 (except V27 is unknown) means possibly:
1. We are V27 and need to test; or
2. We are from the original L542 clan that gave rise to all its decedents?! (Doubtful)

What's left for our EV13 origins besides Greek? But then there's the Jewish, which could be on either parents side, or both.

I am assuming his E-V13 is from the Asia Minor component. Maybe it's from Greek Asia Minor?

Or am I looking at this all wrong? Maybe what I'm looking at is a Portuguese/Spanish Sephardi Jew? Ive seen other people's Maderian results and many have some Asia Minor but not the amount that is seen here.

NatGen 2.0 Helix Reference Population:

- SW Europe: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Greek

- W Mediterranean: Mediterranean coast of Spain, Southern France, parts of Italy, Sardinia and Corsica

- Asia Minor: modern-day Turkey, parts of Greece, Georgia, Armenia

Btw: I believe his mother had NW Europe in her (though all her grandparents were from Madeira). She was light skinned.

Thank you!

19-01-18, 04:33
Which branches under V13 are negative? I think Geno 2.0 tests only a few common among Westerners like L17 and L241. The new V13 tree is already quite complicated as you may see here:

19-01-18, 05:49
Thank you for responding, but I'm so sorry it seems I've wasted your time. My uncle did the analysis (natgen cannot be uploaded anywhere) and that's what he told me. One look myself and I can see that only two were tested (L17 and L241) and the rest were not. The alleles were both ancestral.

So so since it's obvious that assumption is out, can anything still be interpretered by the enicity suppositions? Wouldn't a Balkan L542 have Eastern European?

19-01-18, 11:22
From what I see from his autosomal admixture, there is no Balkan or East European ancestry. However it is possible he has some Crypto Jew Sephardic connection.

20-01-18, 22:57
Thank you! Yes I assumed an ancestor must've been Sephardi, I just don't know if it was from the male line or not.

The fact there is no middle eastern (Turks) or North African (Berber), or Eastern European (Baltic), does that mean that the Asia Minor component is Greek? Since NatGen incorporates Greek in their results for Asia Minor?

Add that to the western Mediterranean, it suggests Sardinia or Corsica (if WM was from coastal Spain or Italy he would have North African and middle eastern). Is that a correct assumption?