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Olympus Mons
21-01-18, 21:15
Shulaveri Shomu aDna.
Just to be out there. Since Ashot Margaryan et al 2017 (http://www.cell.com/current-biology/fulltext/S0960-9822(17)30695-4) there there is some Mtdna for this culture.
By all measurements its not typical Anatolian or West Eurasian Mtdna.

I will not dwell long on it.
So when you see this mtdna HGs in Steppe (Yamnaya) later it matters. It matters, if not for anything else, for the PIE question.
The reason why I raise it here is because whenever, for some strange reason, one sees discussions of influences of north Caucasus into steppe cultures and brings South Caucasus to the equation as a source of people has it happens with Mesokho, Yasenova Polyana, Svobodnoe as persecutors of late 5th/4th millennia steppe, everybody always seems to run away from the ones that are by far the most likely culprits for it - Shulaveri-Shomu!
The dates fits like a glove. They had all the traits, and massively disappeared by 4900bc. It’s amazing how they dwell on Kotias and all colchis culture…. And them move to Kura Araxes, or any other 3 thousand years later.

--- Let it be written: It was the Shulaveri Shomu moving by 4900bc and lets have it written.