View Full Version : Venice isn't the only Carnival destination in Italy

30-01-18, 22:02

I'm partial to the one in Viareggio because it's close to home, but also because of its political satire, and because it's not just about spending a fortune to dress up in beautiful costumes. RAI televises it every year.


Among the ones I'd like to try, the one in Putignano, Apulia, and the two in Sicily.

Putignano, Apulia:"This carnival, the second oldest in Italy which has been celebrated for over 600 years, is also the longest-running celebration of its kind in the country: it started back on Boxing Day. Throughout the season, there are concerts, shows, and various parades. Don't miss the 'propaggini', a kind of poem battle where people take to the stage and improvise satirical rhymes."

Acireale, Sicily: "Sicily's best known carnival has its roots in an old tradition where locals would take to the streets to throw rotten eggs and fruit at each other. Not tempted? Don't worry, these days it's a much more respectable and beautiful affair, with ornately decorated floats, usually adorned with fancy flowers and lights."

Sciacca, Sicily: "Concerts, parades, plenty of food and drink and a grand ball make up the festivities at this Sicilian extravaganza, which has a friendly rivalry with Acireale - and it offers lots of child-friendly activities. It's thought to date back to Roman times, and the highlight is on the final day when the chariot of Peppe Napa, the Carnival King is burned in the town's main square."

Btw, Mike Piazza, John Bonjovi, Joseph Barbera, and Alicia Keys have some ancestry from there.