View Full Version : Test stuck in the DNA extraction phase ?

04-02-18, 15:17
Hello, i order a 23andme test back in December it was Receive and pass Quality Inspection in 8 december but now, its almost 2 months and its still stuck in the DNA Extraction phase, is it normal ?

16-02-18, 18:02
I just received an email from 23andme and they stated the following. Our laboratory attempted analysis of your saliva sample but the concentration of DNA was insufficient to produce genotyping results. No need to worry -- while this occurrence is uncommon, it does happen occasionally. Simply provide a new sample using a replacement kit we will ship to you at no charge after you've placed your replacement order online. I'dont know what happend, i have done everything thorougly, how's that happend ? 2 months waiting for nothing :(