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13-02-18, 15:20
Hi all!! I have just tested with YSEQ and found out I am R1a1a-L664. They are currently testing further down-streams so I will find out soon what subclade I am.

Is L664 the proto Germanic HG?

13-02-18, 15:43
Hello...I also am L-664, with paternal ancestry going back to 17th Century England. I have been researching the origin and distribution of our subclade. They call it the Northwestern Europe group. I believe it was part of the Corded Ware Culture, and Michal Milewski, the R1a Project Coordinator at Family Tree DNA, told me that it may have Frisia, among other regions, as a distribution point. I have sent my raw data to YFull for analysis, and note several Scandinavian connections.

13-03-19, 22:18
Hi! One of my ancestral line is R1a-L664-S2866(aka S2859) The known S2859+ families (as I know): Sundling (Savsjö, Sweden); Easton (West Lothian, Scotland); Fox (Dorset, England) Kynge (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany), Jacobs (USA); Lynde (USA); Simon (Gömör, old Hungary - today Slovakia). Can you tell me more about this small haplogroup? When did it formed? When did the last common ancestor lived?