View Full Version : Question regarding my Haplo Group ( I2c1a2a1 ).

25-02-18, 04:51
Elvis Presley' s Haplo group was I2c1a2a1a1a. His surname would have been Wallace because his grandfather was born out of wedlock. He was given his Mother's (Elvis' ggrandmother) last name. My last name is also Wallace and My Haplo Group is I2c1a2a1. Could there be a possible connection determined by Haplo Group, or does it not work that way?


25-02-18, 05:05
nevermind, wrong thread.

25-02-18, 05:37
Ok, now that we have that out of the way. Elvis' grandfather was born out of wedlock.

25-02-18, 22:53
To possibly be related to Elvis Presley's patrilineal Wallace line you would have to belong to his same terminal SNP, I-F2044 (I2c1a2a1a1a), you would need to take a SNP test to determine if you are also I-F2044.

I suppose the chances are high considering you are a Wallace and I2c1a2a1.

19-05-19, 00:30
Midsouthreb- I’m the same I2c1a2a1a1a Haplogroup that’s almost exclusively Wallaces. Although my last name is Stewart I actually match a specific Wallace family so perfectly that the Administrator of the Wallace DNA database allowed my data into his site (I actually matched some Wallaces closer than listed Wallaces). Seems a Stewart likely adopted a Wallace at some point. So the chances of you being related to Elvis are likely high.