View Full Version : Who else has J1b1a?

27-02-18, 00:27
Who else has J1b1a?

Please post. Also, whoever is knowledgeable on this MTDNA, please share.

23-03-18, 05:07
I'm also J1b1a and R-L51. I'm also trying to find out more about J1b1a. Seems like it's concentrated in Western and Northern Europe. Origin is somewhere in the near east.

02-04-19, 22:05
I am J1b1a1. Just got my dna results in and am sorting out all of this. Fascinating, as most of my maternal side were of Scotland. The dna company stated this subclade is most common in Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Must continue to read and follow as the genetics research unfolds. Hoping a brother will get his tested so we all know what our father passed on to him.

02-04-19, 22:17
Of course, new to this and I am looking at family, and not yet at the entire movement of the J as of this time. I neglected to mention areas of the world where the J1b1a may be more prominent. Hope no feathers ruffled.

03-04-19, 00:30
There is a dedicated page for mtdna J on this site (go up to the part of the page where it says "Genetics", click on it, and it will go to a haplogroup menu), and has good stuff on the basic clades and areas where they are found; my J1c is also of Gaelic origin, as my maternal line comes from the south-central coast of Ireland, where Counties Cork and Waterford meet.