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27-02-18, 16:14
Hi all,

I’ve recently got a result of I1 - L813, having previously just known I fell in to L22. I’ve been looking for more information on this subclade but it seems a little sparse.

I’ve been able to get that it is primarily from Southern Norway, does anyone know anything more about it?

My family is from the North of Scotland, with clan histories telling that the clan was founded by Norsemen from around Trondheim in a Norway, which seems to fit quite nicely. Does anyone know more about this subclade in Scotland?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

02-03-18, 01:37
You have pretty much summed it up with your original post. I-L813 is one of those rather "Norse" clades, especially in Scotland.

06-09-19, 17:55
Hello all