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25-03-18, 20:42
So I have just found out that I am from haplogroup hv0a. I find this very interesting and am having fun learning more about my European ancestry. I just wanted to introduce myself and see how many more hv0a people there are, as apparently it is a rare haplogroup for someone of 100% European descent. any insight to this haplogroup is much appreciated.

25-03-18, 23:13
Welcome to Eupedia renee.

15-04-20, 01:59
Hello Yall, It is a pleasure to meet everybody! I am a American of predominantly colonial British Isles descent with 1/8 Sicilian and 1/8 German heritage, and a tad bit of dutch and possibly other mixed in there, I have been doing genealogy for 10 years and working with genetics maybe 4 or so? I cant wait to work with you all and see what we discover together! thank you for having me :)

30-01-21, 23:44
Hi every one here.

I'm a 50 years old uninteresting guy, but I happen to have to interesting haplogroups: G-Z6028 (Y) and L3f1b6.
It would be great contacting with people interested in these issues.

Fernando, Madrid