View Full Version : Looking for more info U5b1d

Lynda Pidgeon
06-04-18, 04:24
Just received my 23and me results and not sure where to start. I'm U5b1d. Can anybody tell me where to start… I looked on YouTube and viewed seven daughters which was very interesting. Also kind of strange that the first time I traveled out-of-state was to Estonia and down the Baltic Sea, and my second trip was to the great wall of China!. 23 and me said I am related to a Mongolian chieftain that was part of the silk road… so strange that I would choose to visit these areas without knowing I had DNA roots.

Gabriele Pashaj
07-04-18, 10:40
Hi Lynda! Have you read the proper section in Eupedia regarding your mtdna ? However , I think that yours is of paleo/mesolithic origin in Europe .. maybe I’m wrong but i advice you to reda the article in Eupedia ...