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Dreptul Valah
07-04-18, 20:02
These are FC Arges and Universitatea Craiova,known for their high-quality players,many of them reaching the National Team and playing for big clubs in Europe.

The footballers from this part of Romania
played with tremendous ambition and tactical intelligence, but it was the technical skills,especially in Arges,that made them really great.

Back then,the System supported the Bucharest teams,Steaua and Dinamo,builded on Soviet models,and they have tried with lots of means to undermine the performance coming from Arges and Craiova.

The managers from these teams were pressured to let their players to the Bucharest teams,but they have made no compromises,because they knew that they have something to defend-it was in their nature.

This spirit was admired by many people from the country,they were called the anti-system,ironically, it was after 1990,that the Arges players will dress the T-shirt with number10,both in Steaua and Dinamo.

Dreptul Valah
07-04-18, 20:54
FC Arges

The modern Romanian football starts with Dobrin,I mean,Real Madrid knows better.




Dreptul Valah
07-04-18, 21:10
Dobrin's best student was Adrian Mutu,he was his coach at Arges,when at 1-2 with Steaua,the youngster refuses to leave the pitch,because he scores two goals,3-2,the final result.




Dreptul Valah
07-04-18, 21:39
Christian Tanase


Dreptul Valah
07-04-18, 22:00
Universitatea Craiova

Gheorghe Popescu


Dreptul Valah
07-04-18, 22:01
Gica Craioveanu(more than a surprise for Barcelona)


Dreptul Valah
07-04-18, 22:04
Christian Chivu


Dreptul Valah
15-04-18, 18:21
Arges-Real Madrid 2-1,Dobrin playing


Dreptul Valah
15-04-18, 18:22
Arges-Aberdeen,trained by Alex Ferguson


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15-04-18, 18:27


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15-04-18, 18:31


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15-04-18, 18:34


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15-04-18, 18:40


Dreptul Valah
15-04-18, 18:43
Arges-Craiova,Mutu is no.19


Dreptul Valah
15-04-18, 23:03
A big hug for Totti:


16-04-18, 14:09

am I so old?

I think the be st Rumanian ever is Dukadam


i was teenager when I had seen the match
and still people of my age speak about him

Dreptul Valah
16-04-18, 14:46
We do have a fairy-tale,in which a prince grows in an year,"like others in seven",the match was before my time,what I can tell is that Duckadam was great back then,incredible mentality,concentration.

Still,he got more than just a bit of luck in Seville,I mean,it was a good time for playing football and everything was possible, if you had some will or skill,now,see that after the last penalty,Steaua's players jump on the goalie, except for a man who doesn't care about that and wants to seize the Cup,this one comes from Arges,for me,he has brought the most important trophy for the club.

Football is much more than winning trophies ,to me,it looks like some sort of figure skating,really for men ,where the supporter gives a note based on what he feels, not only for technique,but also for the player's natural charisma,those from Arges and Craiova were really good on both.

Dreptul Valah
16-04-18, 15:48
In other words ,the dribbling can help you a lot,but you have to have some solidarity here,to check if the opposition is fitted for the match,to joke a bit on the pitch.

One central defender from that match,No.4 (the big blonde),comes from Western Wallachia,he used to ask the marked attacker quite politely,"So,where do you want to spend the holyday?",after the answer,he used to reply,"Well,we'll see about that,it depends on how do you play this match".

Dreptul Valah
17-04-18, 03:17
Of course,any sport is about winning, but it matters how do you do it,what is the quality of the teams you've met that year,because they played 2-legs elimination rounds,that's why 70's Arges,'82-'84 Craiova or '89 Steaua were better than this team.

Steaua '89 had Hagi,but they were idiots,because the system used to put alot of pressure on the teams for "boosting performance", when there were chances, they conformed ,by choosing to play "tactical",like in'86, it was a fiasco,because Milan was really good that year(by some,the best team in history),they have won 5-1 against Real Madrid previously.

In '89 Steaua had a lot of quality, but in the final,they didn't knew what hit them,it was the beginning of the advance tactics,and Sacchi was one of the firsts who applied this.

That's why I'll stick to Arges and Craiova,they had alot of ambition to win matches,like the Yugoslav teams(yet,the Western Wallachia n teams were clearly better on skills),but no compromises were made,when it came to the style of play,with frenzy attacks,creativity and great skills and unmatched attitude,it was also about the special relations between the unstopable,overheated, Western Wallachian fans and the players.

Dreptul Valah
28-04-18, 15:02
Mutu,playing our style for Fiorentina,it's way closer to calcio than modern football,the last player that I've seen with the Balkan type of
attitude dribbling is Jovetic(generally speaking,because he has learned all of these from Dobrin).



Dreptul Valah
28-04-18, 16:16
Dobrin,to referees,after he scored for 4-3 in the last minute,"if you're not stopping the match now ,I will make another one".


Dreptul Valah
28-04-18, 16:49
Craiova-Dinamo,before December '89


Dinamo is /was Intelligence/Police's squad, yet,they didn't let them breath.

Dreptul Valah
03-05-18, 21:48
Special guest: Dejan Petkovic from Majdanpek




https://books.google.ro/books?id=E9UuDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA190&lpg=PA190&dq=majdanpek+vlachs&source=bl&ots=9OBl3CGqRS&sig=jWtmoTbQvrFYY7OR6bDZ_G40PVQ&hl=ro&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj1_vecqeraAhVJhywKHdgYAYYQ6AEwGHoECAYQA Q#v=onepage&q=majdanpek%20vlachs&f=false