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14-04-18, 23:15
Anyone who's going to be in Rome this year might want to check out the theatrical production by Marco Balich (producer for the Rio Olympics) which attempts to bring the creation of the Sistine Chapel and the art itself to life.

See: https://www.thelocal.it/20180316/ambitious-theatre-show-brings-the-sistine-chapel-to-life-with-vatican-blessing

Italian art historians and the intelligentsia are, of course, tut-tutting. I disagree. If you visit the Chapel, you're given very little time, and you're also squashed in with hordes of tourists. You really can't experience it the way it's meant to be experienced. Plus, most people don't pore through art books to get the details which they can then see "in the flesh".

""Rome is the only major European capital that doesn't have a permanent show about its own history," Balich told AFP.

Using the techniques learned during his Olympic experiences he makes audiences feel as if they are sitting in the middle of the iconic chapel."

"The grand finale of the show called Universal Judgement: Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel is a prelude written by Sting, and sung in Latin by the British pop star, along with 16 minutes of narration approved by the Vatican."

""I want to talk to younger generations to teach them that beauty and art are an important way of learning about their own roots," says Balich. "An hour is the attention span of the younger generation, if we tell the story well we can get them interested.""

The best part of this is that he plans to bring it, and similar productions, around the world.

Here's a taste of it:


14-04-18, 23:29
Looks very interesting; great visuals! I would definitely check it out.