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21-04-18, 20:54
Is it possible to figure out which ethnic group my paternal ancestor belonged to based on my Y-DNA haplogroup? It is downstream of I1c1a on ISOGG (I know the more recent mutations but I don’t want to post them for privacy reasons).

My surname is quite rare and there is a theory that it derives from a town in north-eastern France, arriving in England with the Normans or the Flemish. The surname is most common in Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire.

23-04-18, 18:57
Are you referring to the most recent ISOGG tree or and older version used by sites like the Morley Predictor?

What type of test did you have, and with what company?

It takes a very very detailed position on the SNP tree to get personal. I highly doubt it would give away anything.

23-04-18, 20:09
I am referring to the most recent ISSOG tree.

I did the I1 Superclade Panel test from YSEQ.

24-04-18, 17:44
I will check for you if you PM the terminal SNP details. If I can't figure it out, I can point you to the appropriate I1 expert.

I also started with a YSEQ pack and am still waiting on BigY from FTDNA.

Based on the SNP provided, it has a most recent common ancestor of 3960 years ago (or so). That is not specific enough to determine much.


Does that match your result? I used the 2018 ISOGG tree and found the location on Yfull. You can see the wide distribution there: England, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland. Curiously no Sweden.

15-05-18, 16:56
Unfortunately even Eupedia's own Haplogroup I1 page is sparse on the details for I-Z17925 and the downstream clades.


It simply labels I-Z17925 as "North Alpine". There doesn't seem to be a lot of information (so far) on the non-DF29 members of I1.