View Full Version : Anyone else with maternal haplogroup A4a1?

03-05-18, 07:00
Hi! I come from Northwestern Greece and my maternal haplogroup is A4a1. I realize it is rather rare. Anyone else with A4a1?:smile:

11-04-19, 05:38
My wife just has one as a match on 23andme. That's one out of 1900 DNA relatives, and is

0.1% Broadly East Asian & Native American but has Scottish etc ancestry. A red head.



Years Ago
Your maternal haplogroup, A4a1, traces back to a woman who lived approximately 7,000 years ago.

That's nearly 280.0 generations ago! What happened between then and now? As researchers and citizen scientists discover more about your haplogroup, new details may be added to the story of your maternal line.

A4a1 is relatively uncommon among 23andMe customers.

Today, you share your haplogroup with all the maternal-line descendants of the common ancestor of A4a1, including other 23andMe customers. 1 in 5,600 23andMe customers share your haplogroup assignment.

16-05-19, 23:13
I am a4a1. I am trying to piece together my maternal line. I did 23 and me as well as Family Tree DNA. I am located in the United States and can only trace my maternal line back to 1830's in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. So, somehow we are all related in the distant past. Hello Family!

17-05-19, 02:28
A4a1 is an east Eurasian lineage, and could mean one of two things for an American. It is found among Native American tribes and therefore could indicate a Native matrilineal origin, or it could have been brought to Europe by steppe nomads and borne by an otherwise genetically European immigrant.