View Full Version : Any W3b1 posters on here?

05-05-18, 17:55
W3b1 seems to be rare and little details are available on this haplogroup.
Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland is all I can ascertain.
Any members on here W3b1?

20-06-18, 06:31
W3b found in Eastkazakstan in the Scytho-sarmatian tomb

01-08-18, 20:36
W3b1 is also found in Belarus.

“Margaryan et al 2017” describes an ancient Armenian W3b sample ARM33 from Nerqin Getashen along the southwest coast of Lake Sevan in Armenia, dated to 1400-1200 BC belonging to the Lchashen Metsamor culture. This culture had lavish mound graves in the Lchashen hillfort which was habitated during Bronze Age to Iron Age. One of the worlds largest collection of Bronze Age wooden chariots is preserved from this site.