View Full Version : 23 and me uploaded to gedmatch

08-05-18, 22:16
hey i had 23 and me done but i uploaded it to gedmatch and it says im around 13 percent iberian and 4 percent basque dna

this would mean my father is around 26 to 30 percent iberian

how can i be sure this is correct i mean his parents look definitley spanish italian. but is there a way to be sure.

09-05-18, 07:28
Ancestry testing does not take into account only 2-3 generations of your predecessors. It goes back almost 500 years in time. Your 13% Iberian may not be because of your parents/grandparents, but somewhere in time your ancestors have been active in places like Portugal and Spain. 23andMe now even has a timeline feature that tells you at what time these roots have been picked up. You must have seen that already, but may you can give that another look.