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Leo Achaicus
11-05-18, 12:16
I recently took a 23andme test.

My results:

Balkan - Greece: 86.2%
Italian: 9.4%
Broadly Southern European: 3.6%
West Asian & North African: 0.6%
Unassigned: 0.2%

My ancestry is wholly from the Peloponnesus regions of Arcadia, Achaea and Elis in S Greece. I also have a single Italian ancestor born between 1760 and 1850.

I was reported to be E-M5021 and maternal haplogroup H, which is I understand a common European maternal lineage.

Reading the E-M215 article in Wikipedia, I discovered that there are two related clades in Greece, namely E-V13 and E-M34. However, there was nothing on E-M5021.

Anybody can provide some more info or links?

05-01-20, 23:32
23&me gave me E-M5021 so I did more testing with FTDNA and got E-SK863. Yfull I am E-Y161140.

19-01-20, 20:44
HI Leo Achaicus (https://www.eupedia.com/forum/members/57633-Leo-Achaicus)
this branch maybe is have other name in company ftdna is name E-SK863 this branch is very rare

19-01-20, 20:45
joelhgrant (https://www.eupedia.com/forum/members/55284-joelhgrant) you rigth