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12-05-18, 15:09
Anyone thinking of gifting your mother with an ancestry DNA kit. This is the right time. All top genetic testing companies are now selling their kits at a heavily discounted price.

Xcode Life
Get an Xcode BRCA Report report FREE with any purchase.

May 12th and 13th

Ancestry DNA
30% of on their DNA Kit

Offer ends on 5/13/18

Living DNA
Kit for $79.20. Use code MOMSDAY4

Offer ends on 5/13/18

Ancestry only kit for $79.20
Health + Ancestry kit for $159.20
Buy 2 kits Get 1 free

Offer ends on 5/13/18

20% off on all products with coupon code: MyDNA20

Not specified

My Heritage
Buy DNA kit for $59

Offer ends on 5/14/18

Family Tree DNA
Family Finder Test for $59
Y DNA test for $169
mtDNA $149

Offer ends on 5/14/18

12-05-18, 17:37
What if Grandma has a secret.
Ohp ! .. :)