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27-05-18, 23:35
because a lot are written lately,
and a shirt or a shoe is more scientific value to some than genetics history linguistic archaiology etc.

I am making a thead to post some scientific truths about Balkanic and modern Greek populations.

the bellow are not mine,

but belongs to Phd Trintafyllidis
and AUTh studies and lessons

the books do not iclude the late Lazaridis and other papper after 2016

lets start,

Muslims and Christians of West Thrace (Not Pomaks)

Muslims and Christians of West Thrace have simmilar DNA and show locality with area,


Pomaks of Greece is trully a European population,
exists at least 2000 years in Rodope mountains,
and it might be a pure ancient Thracian tribe
closest population Greeks and Bulgarians


the result on Sarakatsan DNA proved that are one of the most ancient populations in Europe, and in Greece,
they have 80% palaiolithic mtDNA and existed in N Greece (Makedonia) from late palaiolithic,
(few years before I spoke about a strange and hidden Y-DNA that was to broke,
most believed it was R1b, But seems it is Sarakatsan I1)

Aromani Armani Vlachs

a search done among Dukasi Albania Vlachs and Krusovo Fyrom shows that these 2 populations,
both Vlach to the bone have nothing to do with each other,

majority of Vlachs of Greece shows connectivity with Hellenic population, than with the Italian (Roman)
That certifies the Romanization/latinization of population,
Yet it is most complicated,
Seems R1b enter with Romans in S Balkans

Aromani show very different mt-DNA Y-DNA AND DIFFERENT AUTOSOMALS, different ALU,
in fact the theory that all vlachs come from Wallachia and Romania is out of question due to different ALU,

The Greeks of Georgia,
search done to population from Georgia and the 30 000 Greeks of Tsalka (Georgian town)
gives away results and tottaly different population and are more connected with Helladic space and Greeks of Anatolia.

The Roma of Helladic space

they are mostly VJ-68
they are more than 80% connected with India.
they exist in Balkans only 1500 years,

The connectivity among Hellenes and Italians
is a result of Triantafyllidis and Alberto Piazza.
do not want to expand

Hellenes and Albanians
the searches among N Greeks western Greeks Tosk Albanians and Geg Albanians
gives Tosk closer to Greeks and Greeks away from Geg.

more than 64% is the core that is considered Slavic or Slavophones, and has very high Slavic %
they are closer to Bulgarian first and second to Serbs, Away from Croats,

Strangely is closer to Turkish and Turkic than Greeks do.
Also Armenians and N Italians
based on HLA-A & B

Generally a typical older Balkanic population, with heavier Romano-italian influence than Greece, mixed with Slavic and Turkic and later Turks,

about Anatolian Greeks
search on Kappadokian Greeks in Ematheia
proved that they are closer to Greeks than to Bulgarians or Turks

Minor Asian Greeks (west turkey)
they are among Chios island and Crete, means very Helladic than Anatolian or Turk.

from 702 mtDNA tests only 7 had Asian and only 2 had African
with Y-DNA simmilar results.


offcourse I am expecting a book from Paschou DUTh about these,
but takes long.
her page

05-06-18, 21:03
Nothing scientific really, just old Greek nationalistic ideas like:

- Pomaks being Thracians/pre-Slavic - needless to say that's historical fantasy.
- Sarakatsani being somehow heavily Paleolithic and most ancient population in Europe - same fantasy.
- Vlachs being Greeks in denial - good old Greek nationalistic claim made to assimilate small minority groups like them.
- Bulgarians mixing with Turks - I've never really seen anything about that but I am aware of the opposite. Also about that Roman influence in Bulgaria, apart from some proximity to Northern Italy on autosomal level nothing more really. Yet many other populations could score some proximity to Italy.
- R1b in the Balkans is not U152, hence not Roman.

05-06-18, 23:41
It is the first time I heard that Bulgarians-Turks are closer than Greeks-Turks. I have doubts