View Full Version : R1a-L1029-German or assimilated Polabian Slav?

23-06-18, 16:52
I just ran my raw data from 23andme through the Morley Subclade Predictor and got as my most likely clade R1a-L1029. 23andme assigned me R-M417, and this is downstream from that grouping. My paternal line comes from my father's biological father, Frederick P. Sellers, Jr., who was of German descent in the male line. Doing some research I learned the German Sellers name is found in northern Germany, in Low German areas. In the eastern Low German area there was a great deal of assimilated Polabian Slavs; is this the origin or is it found in non-Slavic populations?

25-06-18, 15:56
Hey, guys, is Wegene any good? They were laughably wrong on the autosomal (50% Hungarian? When I got 0% Eastern European from 23andMe), but they got me deeper into the R1a clade I'm in. R1a1a1b1a1b1d, which is downstream from L 1029 and is called YP 445. Only record of it is from an Englishman named John Shanner born in 1776...which is interesting because my mother's paternal line origin is England! Now I have distant English cousins on both sides; as my paternal line comes from Germany, this could point to a Saxon origin.