View Full Version : Restaurant using burger-making robot to open soon in San Francisco

24-06-18, 10:12
Check the article and video here: The Mission to Build the Ultimate Burger Bot (https://www.wired.com/story/building-the-ultimate-burger-bot/)

The process doesn't seem to be much faster than human workers in a fast food chain, but they say that the quality is higher, more like that of a gourmet restaurant.

02-12-18, 00:18
I worry about how this will affect the labor market though.

25-10-19, 09:46
Most likely this will not work but will be just another advertising move a robot or any other machine never will do better than a human. The robot has no feelings no taste no soul, and food can be said is a work of art. You can't turn a machine into a man ) although a man can be turned into a machine but that's another story. Let people to be people and machines to be coffee makers toasters display fridges (https://ianboer.com.au/displays/) dishwashers and etc )