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03-07-18, 18:37
Do you know whether a transfer from the genographic project to FamilyTreeDNA is possible for a 2011 sample, for Y-DNA and mtDNA? Would they be valid? Also, is it possible to transfer Y-DNA and mtDNA from ancestryDNA and have these tests performed at FamilyTreeDNA?

03-07-18, 21:29
You can transfer the Raw Data File from AncestryDNA to FTDNA, but it will not "report" the possible Y- or Mt- Haplogroup like WeGene does(if that is what you hope). And, in my case, FTDNA listed only close relatives in FamilyFinder(up to 4-th cousin,that was 3-4 people and NOT the hundreds of speculative relatives so I had to order FFinder test...This was last year.Things might have changed but I doubt it). Once you've done the transfer you can go on and order dedicated Y-str or Mt- tests.

I have no idea about Geno.

04-07-18, 01:03
Thanks for your input.