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12-07-18, 12:18
I received the results of my subclade: L241

Who can tell me which ethnic group has spread this sublcade?

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12-07-18, 14:32
This subclade is spread all over the Europe and it could be found also in African Mediterranean and Near East. Probably originates from Balkans or Southern Europe and was dispersed during the Roman empire.
Where did you test yourself?

12-07-18, 15:52
Hi Odissey,

Thanks for the reply.

The test for the specific Y-subclade I did with YSEQ DNA origins project (I can not post links yet).

I did the general test (haplogroup and autosomal) with Living DNA. Only that the classification of the clade was only E-V13.

Concerning the L241 there is the phylogenetic E-V13 map of Maciamo (I can not post links yet).

In this map the clade L241 was born near the late Bronze Age (1550 - 1200 BC). L241 is present today in a most conspicuous manner in Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Spain and Tunisia. If we take the hypothesis of the Indo-European assimilation to be good, what people are proposing this clade? The Greeks Dori, Mycenae ...?

12-07-18, 16:08
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12-07-18, 16:40
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12-07-18, 16:44
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12-07-18, 17:10
Ok, now I understand how it works.

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12-07-18, 17:42
I don't know if it is possible to transfer results from Living DNA to FTDNA, if it is, I recommend you to transfer them and join to the E-M35 project (www .familytreedna.com/public/E3b?iframe=yresults) for better comparison with others.

04-02-19, 14:42
Hello.ethnic group can be Dorians , Mecinians ,Heliniciens,or Romains .....because this is a Balcanic subclade i think .and from the Balcan there was many civilisations .

04-02-19, 14:56
I am in E-L241 ,from Tunisia.you are from where please ?we can tchating in privat if you like my cousin or by email