View Full Version : Sionism and Kurdish role about armenian genocide?

15-07-18, 09:23
i search about that events and ittihat terakki. i see they have sionist mason connection. they have connection with armenian events. and i have doubt about turkish people role of armenian genocide. because in that area dont live turks. kurdish and arab population more than turks for eastern anatolia?

also i cant see a turkish origin ittihat terraki and they leaders. (2 kurd, 2 circassian, 1 albanian like that. they are turkish nationalists but they origins are not turk. its interesting for me.)

thats all events can be connected with sionist organization for that gheography?

and we must be blame to only turks for that events? ottoman empire have so many nations. and turks dont have connection with armenians in the empire. turks live in the west. kurds and arabs living together with armenians east in anatolia. and that events happend in the eastern anatolia. (so how turkish people can be have connection with that events?)

and hamidiye alay─▒(kurdish army of ottoman empire.) have connection with that events.

its all confusing me.

25-08-19, 13:57
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