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19-07-18, 18:23
I've tested my DNA with myHeritage, the results are expected (but boring):
Balkan 60%
Greek 10%
EastEurope 39%

DNA.Land says:
Balkan 70%
North-Slavic 27.5%
Sardinian 2.5%

GED result will be there soon.

Father is greek, mother is polish.

I know this isn't the best method to determine my Haplo group, but now I'm curious.
Promethease is sure I'm I-Haplogroup - no suprise there - but by further evaluating the result,
through comparing snp's in the I-tree and by using
it seems that I'm I2a2a. See image on
What do you think?

Gabriele Pashaj
19-07-18, 18:38
Hi!! Too sad that your dna company has not the possibility to ‘dig’ into your paternal and maternal haplo

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Gabriele Pashaj
19-07-18, 18:39
Although... I’m also an I2 bro[emoji12]

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