View Full Version : More than half of drivers don't look for cyclists & pedestrians before turning right

19-08-18, 15:28
While I think the technology is far from there, automated cars will be the future of transportation. There's certainly a lot of arguments as to why it is unsafe currently. But I believe within the coming decades, there will be big improvements. One could imagine that a world with streamlined transportation, without the current stress of traffic jams, drunk, careless, or reckless driving would be a dream come true.


19-08-18, 15:58
Can't wait for automation to take off. I deal with bad drivers (not to say I'm all that good lol) almost every day on my way to work. I've had massive trailer trucks tailgate my little Subaru on the highway.

But there will still be deer popping out of nowhere. I hit a few

20-08-18, 08:18
with speed limits and changed priority rules riding a bicycle has become more complicated

it used to be simple
cars had to leave some space for the cyclists, but when they crossed, cars had priority
from a cyclist point of view cars were pretty predictable and you could anticipate

now with changed rules and often pedestrians and cyclist having priority behaviour has become unpredictable
and speed limits make cardrivers become less concentrated and engaging in other activities like making phone calls while driving