View Full Version : J1-ZS241>FGC13873 - origin and roots?

20-08-18, 01:54
I got my Big-Y results for a short time with the result J1-FGC13873 which is under ZS241.
Have researched several hours on the web, but have so far found no clear info, except that someone from Saudi Arabia in yful had the same subclade.
Is there any indication of the origin or stem of this clade, and is it Jewish?
HERE Pics from my result
I thank you in advance for your answers

24-02-19, 23:37
I am not certain if your branch is Jewish. I did not found FGC13873 in Genogenea tree (http://genogenea.com/J-M267/tree), on YFull tree (https://www.yfull.com/tree/J-Y3081/) it is on the same level as Y3081 and ZS241. Only Z18271 appears to be certainly Jewish haplogroup, ZS241xZ18271 may be not associated with Jews.

Is BY143137 the haplogroup of author of that topic? There is a member with that haplogroup in Italy. OP has 17% of Jewish diaspora in ethnic makeup percentage and 12% of Asia Minor. Interesting.

25-02-19, 00:07

Not sure if it helps.

https://external-preview.redd.it/cQVDB690I4ZKbEXHTiXb53rxUPYiB4iZiFdFeFLP2Js.jpg?au to=webp&3e912d85

31-05-19, 00:24
Hehe thats exactly my kit : E32265 on ftdna