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24-08-18, 03:41
Hey all. Over the past few years I've had a few dna tests done, through both Nat Geo and Ancestry. There has been some differences with the results, primarily with the regional ancestry. My Paternal haplogroup is Jpf5456 and my maternal is M66a.

Nat Geo states my ancestry as 42%Northern European, 38% Mediterranean and 19% SW Asian where the Ancestry has 56% English, 22% Welsh/Irish, 10%Scandinavian and 6% Italian.

I'm Australian by the way.

Is there a reason for such a variance?


24-08-18, 04:15
AncestryDNA focus in genealogy, close family relations, and 6-8 localized DNA Generations.

NatGeo is not for genealogy, or recent DNA family similarities.
The Genographic Project goes back 60.000 Years, and follow the human migrations, mixing, and general ethnicity.

AncestryDNA and NatGeo missions are different.