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24-08-18, 12:41
Hello to everyone. I am trying to find my roots since I am an adoptee I do not know my parents. I was born in Argentina ( South America).
I have made a DNA test at MyHeritage and I used Chris Morley tool (Note: I cannot post links sorry for that)

Is it reliable to get a Y-DNA determination using a normal autosomal DNA test? I am not sure if a Y-DNA is an specific DNA test or it is the same test and they just run a toll similar to Chris Morley´s one?.

How should I read the following results? (it seems there are a lot of missing parts on my autosomal DNA not evaluated)
I got more that 1 results but only one as "more likely"

This is the "more likely" one.

J2-M241 (J2-Z1827, J2-Z575)

Which one of those is my Y-DNA?:petrified:

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

24-08-18, 18:10
According to these results you should be somewhere under this: https://www.yfull.com/tree/J-Z1825/

I dont think myheritage is good for finding Y-DNA relatives and precise subclade, it would be much better if you take Y-67 test at FTDNA or at least Y-37 for start. https://www.familytreedna.com/products/y-dna#

24-08-18, 21:20
Thanks Dema. I will do the specific test with FTDNA in the near future.