View Full Version : R1a-z92 Deeper Clades?

04-09-18, 23:10
I took a 23andme DNA test, and I just tested for R1a-Z92. However, I used a tool linked on ISOGG to predict my subclade and it's apparently Z660, Z661 (I'd post the link, but I've only made 8 posts so far)

What countries would you guess I'm from based on this? From what I've read it's atypical where my known ancestry is from.

05-09-18, 00:40
Baltic or East Slav. Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, maybe Eastern Poland, perhaps southwest Russia, Ukraine.

05-09-18, 00:47
Eastern Poland

Pretty close. I'm southeast from the highlands. I still hear that it's quite a rare clade in Poland though. I wonder if I have any direct Ukrainian or Lithuanian ancestry that may have caused it.