View Full Version : Resting heart rate vs activity by country.

07-09-18, 05:39
It doesn't seem to me it's just about activity.


Normal is, I think, 60 to 100, although I also think I've read that over 66 puts you at higher risk of a heart attack?

07-09-18, 06:39
USA is active for 70 minutes + daily, moreso than most of the world? I don't think so. This study is trash bin material. (Crumbles up study). He shoots, he scores!

07-09-18, 17:03
I would bet that in the underdeveloped world, the women are more active than the men.

08-09-18, 17:29
I would bet that in the underdeveloped world, the women are more active than the men.
Good point, though one would expect men work physically harder in poor countries than in rich ones, and should be more fit. However, this is probably based on Fitbit data, and these devices are rather bought mostly by very active and already fit individuals. In this case the general population has to be disregarded.
I have one and what I discovered is that when I'm exercising extensively for days my rest heart rate will fall down to 53, denoting general tiredness of my body. When I'm not exercising and feel rested and energetic my rest rate is 63. The table might just mean that people in northern hemisphere exercise more than in tropics. I'm also more active when air is cooler than mid summer.

Please note, that I'm not saying that in general terms the lower resting heart rate is not better. Meaning better physical fitness and health.

11-09-18, 04:47
In the USA everyone is driving by car no matter where they go, because your urban and suburban environment is not pedestrian-friendly and you have no good public transport. At least this is what this Polish woman born in the US (parents from Poland) says:


She says that before she got her driving license, she was very dependent on parents and their car for movement.

Polish cities have good public transport, you can also easily move on foot. There are also public bikes in big cities.

You get more movement and activity if you don't use your car too often, but your feet or a bike instead.