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07-09-18, 14:39
I am from Ankara/Şereflikoçhisar. I’ve done a Y-67 test and according to my results I am classified as R-M198. After that, I joined to the R1a Project and they’ve predicted me as “Z93>Z94>Z2124>Z2125>Z2123>Y934>Y7094>YP5227-x1 (Z2123,Y934,Y7094,YP5227 not tested; Big Y or Z93 SNP pack needed)” while suggesting me to buy a Z93 SNP Pack or a Big Y.
Sadly, as a 16 years old student from Turkey, I can not afford the tests mentioned above. So I will kindly ask for an info about these predicted subclades and also ask for support to get me one of the tests. There isn’t any information about the subclade R-YP5227 and also there isn’t any people under the subclade at YTree.
Thank you.

08-09-18, 02:14
You have a rare and interesting y-DNA.

What are your STR readings? Presumably they are very similar to the only other YP5227 sample that I can find - 744183 Akdogan - unless this is you. (In which case, I wonder how they predict this SNP for you, if you have not been specifically tested for YP5227 and there are no other YP5227 samples to match to yours.)

It looks to me that your pretty unique SNP split from everyone else's a very long time ago - my calculations would estimate this as 1,315 BC, and I would probably guess its location at that point in time not too far away from where you are now - perhaps Northern Iraq, Eastern Turkey or just South of the Caucasus. If correct, this would possibly place your ancestor within the Mitanni, although this would be very speculative, especially given the paucity of data.

08-09-18, 09:59
744183 (Akdoğan) is me :-) Since I have a unique SNP line, will it be possible to find me a sponsor? Surely it will be an interesting discovery.

08-09-18, 11:02
You should joint projects on FamilyTreeDNA and write to them, I am sure you could find at least part of the money you need to Big Y :)

08-09-18, 13:40
I am still wary of an absolute verification of YP5227 if you have not been specifically tested for it and there are no other published YP5227 samples with which you can compare your readings.

I would suggest Y15121 (a related Near Eastern branch of Y934) as an alternative possibility, although there really looks to be little difference between the two. Their common ancestor appears to have moved from Eastern Europe via the Caspian to the Near East during the first half of the third millennium BC, and most likely remained there ever since.

My guess is that these two subclades both formed within the Mitanni, although we can never know this for sure either way.

08-09-18, 21:23
Tried my chance with the projects, but they didn’t notice me.
Also may I ask why did you stick on the idea of the Mitanni? I talked with the Bashkir project admin who is under a different branch of Y934, and he said that I might have a connection with the Alans. Don’t know how you people are doing these predictions. I may have connections with Pechenegs since my family was getting called like that as I heard. The idea of Pecheneg-Alan connection sounds more possible than the Pecheneg-Mittani one. Also the Iranian scholar Al-Biruni says that the Alani language sounds similar to the one that Pechenegs use.
By the way I am not sure about the Pecheneg connection with my family. It may be true or not.

08-09-18, 22:29
The Mitanni is just a best guess, based on where related haplogroups to yours coalesce at the estimated dates when those haplogroups developed.

All of the above proposed connections might be correct. The Mitanni were around in 1,500 BC, the Alans in 50 AD, the Pechenegs 800 AD. Your paternal line might have included all three of these peoples.

R1a in Central Asian Turkic populations looks homogeneous, and therefore probably young, suggesting it originated elsewhere and joined the Turkic mix relatively recently.

The closest matches I can find to your STRs are samples from Iran and Syria.