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25-09-18, 18:02
So much for those studies based on a handful of subjects which found a difference in preference based on whether men were "dad" types.


"“There has been a lot of reporting about things that supposedly change before ovulation — mate preferences, even economic, and political preferences. Our data and that from other recent studies is consistent with a simpler story, namely that general sexual motivation changes,” said study author Ruben C. Arslan of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Leibniz-ScienceCampus."

"“It’s one of those few cases where an evolutionary theory of human behaviour has pretty direct implications for our lives and decisions women make about their sexual lives,” Arslan explained. “Namely, we know that most hormonal contraceptives suppress ovulation and the concordant hormonal changes. Different evolutionary theories make different predictions about what changes in our psychology when a woman is about to ovulate.”"

" If the dual mating theory is right, taking the pill should make you more monogamous and attracted to ‘dad’ types (men who will invest in children, are not necessarily very sexually attractive). This is because the theory predicts a change in mate preferences and extra-pair desire when fertile.”"

"“If what I consider a simpler theory is right, and all that changes across the menstrual cycle is sexual motivation, then the pill would decrease sexual motivation on average (at least as far as hormones are concerned — of course having a more convenient contraceptive might also increase how often you want to have sex),” Arslan said.“So, on the one hand, it is simply interesting to seek to understand human sexuality evolutionarily, such as why we have sex when it cannot lead to conception unlike many of our primate relatives.”"

"The researchers found evidence that women had increased sexual desire before ovulation. When women were at the most fertile phrase of their menstrual cycle, they tended to report an increase in sexual desire directed towards both their primary partner and other potential partners. (These fluctuations in sexual desire were not observed during the cycle of women who used hormonal contraceptives.)
Women also perceived themselves as more desirable in the fertile window, but that was not associated with wearing more “sexy” or “flashy/showy” clothes. And there was no evidence that women who found their partners less sexually attractive experienced stronger increases in flirting with other men while in the fertile window. Ovulation was also not associated with changes in mate retention behavior."

This also partially explains why post menopausal women often, but not always, experience a decrease in sexual desire.

25-09-18, 19:27
“So, on the one hand, it is simply interesting to seek to understand human sexuality evolutionarily, such as why we have sex when it cannot lead to conception unlike many of our primate relatives.”
Other studies , ie above , .....having sex have been studied as a desire to retain their partner/union or humans will follow what the rest do in the animal world, ...change partners.
The dressing sexy/attractive is to allow females to have a bigger access to the number of males she can choose and eventually mate with ( before partnerships )
now to destroy the myth that the "way to a mans heart is through his stomach"

25-09-18, 19:51
I have no idea what you mean by most of that.

As for why women have sex when they're not ovulating, I'm sure part of it is duty and the desire to hold a man. For some women, however, it's because you like sex, having an orgasm isn't dependent on the time of the month.

As for men, this has nothing to do with them. They want sex because they want sex, because it's pleasureable, although men vary too in their level of sexual desire.

There are men who aren't terribly interested from what I hear, and there are women who are very interested into their fifties, sixties and seventies. I think it's all genes and hormones.

What seems clear, however, is that women don't go marrying "dad" types, and then when they're ovulating go looking for a handsome, virile, domineering male.

You like what you like. There are men who are both very traditionally masculine and very good fathers, too.

Even if you're generally more interested around the time of ovulation doesn't mean you're going to unfaithful then at all, much less with a particular type of man.

A lot of evolutionary theory is much too simplistic.

Messier 67
26-09-18, 03:03
Because when ovulation was invented, everything was good. It was simply love and strife doing battle.

27-09-18, 02:33
This research makes sense.