View Full Version : Cannot post or stay logged in

27-09-18, 07:45
I am registered user but cannot make or reply to any forums on the post. In addition, the site is logging me out each time I view a different page. Please tell me how to resolve these problems.

27-09-18, 16:20
Same problem. I can post on this section or Member Lounge and nowhere else.
Also I have Capcha every time I enter the forum.

26-01-19, 19:10
I can post ,
but have to relog in every time I use another tab in firefox..........basically, I cannot check the net or my email or anthing, once I move out of the site and re-enter, I need to relog in ........I have rest cookie son many times, ...........clearly this relogging is due to some form of paranoid system that if you leave Eupedia while still logged , it will be infected by a virus