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30-09-18, 02:38
Hello, some days ago I received my 23andme dna results. My results are mostly Balkan but they indicate some ancestory from each region of the Mediterranean Sea which I found interesting. I have also a very small percentage of East Asian and Native American which I believe is turkic.







Broadly Southern European4.8%

Western Asian & North African7.4%

Western Asian4.9%

North African & Arabian1.9%

Broadly Western Asian & North African0.5%

East Asian & Native American0.3%

Broadly Northern Asian & Native American0.3%


30-09-18, 03:30
Interesting. My great-grandfather's parents were from Sicily, and until the update to 23 and Me this summer I had 0% Italian! It was all Balkan and Broadly Southern European. Now it is 2.0% Balkan, 2.0% Italian, 1.6% Iberian, and 5.1% Broadly Southern European. My Nana said that her Sicilian-born grandmother could speak Greek, so perhaps she was of the small Greek minorities that live in Southern Italy and that is where the Balkan came from.

01-10-18, 00:44
Yes, Sicily has been from the ancient times a mosaic of ethnicities and cultures with a large Greek population! If you have Sicilian ancestry it makes sense to have Iberian and Balkan ( which is very possibly Greek) Dna. It also makes sense to exist in my results Italian and Western Asian but I was a little surprised by North African and Iberian which is not very common to Greek people.