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02-10-18, 00:04

We tested whether women’s individual levels of reproductive hormones (e.g. oestradiol and progesterone) are associated with how attractive they smell and to what extent men agree when judging the attractiveness of different women’s body odours"

"Specifically, women’s bodyodours were rated as being more attractive the higher their oestradiol levels and the lower their progesterone levels were. Cortisol and testosterone levels were not associated with how attractive women’s body odours were rated."

"because some studies have found that body odour prefer-ences are mediated by the HLA (see [35] for a review) we controlled for HLA-mediated effects of body odour preferences by including HLA similarity between donor and rater at five HLA loci and donor HLA-heterozygosity as covariates. Neither of these genetic measures predicted a woman’s body odour attractiveness. These results add to the growing body of literature that questions HLA-mediated
odour preferences in men (e.g. [41,49,50]; for a meta-analysis, see [51])."

it seems like men aren't able to smell differences in the immunesystems. they mainly smell hormones that are tied to ovulation and fertility.

02-10-18, 02:10
I think it makes sense. Certain men definitely smell better to me, leaving aside obvious things like diet and cologne, so I'm sure it works vice versa. It's not always the most technically beautiful person who draws the most sexual attention.

A slightly different topic is that different scents smell different on different people. You learn which ones "work" on you through trial and error.

02-10-18, 02:52
Pheromones could potentially be more important than body odors,
we can’t smell them but we are impacted by them.
Strong deodorant, colognes, and perfumes could interfere with Pheromone communication, and the message won’t be sent or received.
The message could have been: “Turn Around, and Pay Attention to Me” ..!

But, It’s still unclear the strength of the pheromones impact on Humans.


..... a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by ....... affecting the behavior or physiology of others ....

.... is a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting like hormones outside the body of the secreting individual, to impact the behavior of the receiving individuals.....


02-10-18, 03:18
I refuse to go anywhere without deodorizing and getting rid of male odor. I hate it. If perfume is more effective I would buy that as well

02-10-18, 03:28
I refuse to go anywhere without deodorizing and getting rid of male odor. I hate it. If perfume is more effective I would buy that as well

Go easy on the AQUA VELVA. :laughing: