View Full Version : MtDNA Haplogroup R1a1

02-10-18, 13:45
I seem to belong to this super-rare haplogroup, and it has puzzled me ever since I got the results in.

There seem to be some theories floating around regarding North Caucasus as a possible source, but then again there are several R1a1 matches scattered throughout Europe.

Has anyone done any research on this? Is it really a guessing game until we have unearthed more ancient DNA with R1a1 matches?

There's even a theory online that R1a1 peaks in the Netherlands and its spread in India could have something to do with the colonial period. Sounds a bit outlandish to me, but does anyone have any insight into this?

I don't have any Caucasian ancestors up until the early 1700s. It's supposed to be this extremely isolated group of people hanging out in the Caucasus mountains, yet obviously there must have been sone migration taking place?

Can anyone help me out in connecting the dots?

30-07-19, 15:08
I have R1a1 as well, and possibly down to R1a1a1. From the Netherlands by the way. No one from the caucasus down to mid 18th century.